Pranic Healing For Veterans

I am a Veteran who is active in Writing and Healing and have been involved in Angel and Energy Healing for almost thirty years. I am now working towards Certification in Pranic Healing and it takes a lot of documented work to qualify.

I would like to offer that work free to Veterans and others in the Bucks County community on an individual basis, first come, first served, limited time. I have put up this page to explain the details.

I realize that Pranic Healing is lesser-known in America than in the east so I have written a series of little books as primers for those who like the details. A choice of one or all is available free at for download. The Meditation book alone could help many people find a path to healing.

Many people may not know, what is bothering them. So I developed a little test that can be self-administered to see what is really troubling. Please consider it to help you understand yourself.

Score the highest Emotional Intensity that you have so it is easy for your support team or yourself to know where you need healing most.

Rate Each Emotion

01 Guilt_______
02 Distrust_______
03 Shame_______
04 Threat_______
05 Overly- Responsible_______
06 Heartache_______

Value as 1 (Least) to 10 (Most)

07 Betrayal_______
08 Resentment_______
09 Anger_______
10 Stress_______
11 Powerlessness_______
12 Fear__________

If you would like to be considered for a free session in my Pranic Healing project, please share the answer to the question and the emotions and the numbers of those who rate over 5 with me and I will be in touch so we can do a ZOOM session and talk about it. If you do not take the test, just send a note. Contact E-mail is